North American Style Round-House Yurts. Versatile, Affordable, Practical & Durable


Create the space you want with a Yurt.

Luxurious, simple or somewhere in-between.

With their circular design and spacious interiors Blue Mountain Yurts are practical, versatile and affordable structures widely used around the world in a variety of ways.

Whilst most users establish these structures permanently, they are moveable and relocatable and can be set up in a day for permanent, long-term use or as a temporary solution and taken down, relocated, stored or sold on at any time. They are used residentially as homes, house extensions, extra rooms, teenage retreats, offices, tourism / guest accommodation and activity spaces.


Blue Mountain Yurts

The affordable, versatile solution for:-

• Residential Home & living space
• House Extension / Granny Flat
• Teenage Retreat / New Room for Family
• Overnight guest accommodation
• Rural cottage
• Mountain cabin
• Bed and breakfast
• Guesthouse
• Eco-Tourism
• Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, National Parks
• Alpine Accommodation/Retail/Office
• Rental Cabin
• Personal Retreat
• Classroom
• Nature education centre
• Shop/Retail Venue
• Art/Yoga studio
• Unique Restaurant/Cafe
• Office
• Teenage garden retreat
• Temporary / Portable housing
• Relocatable Event/Marketing Space
• Hot tub spa
• Creative Gallery