North American Style Round-House Yurts. Versatile, Affordable & Practical


Create the space you want with a Yurt

Luxurious, simple or somewhere in-between

With their circular design and spacious interiors Blue Mountain Yurts are practical, versatile and affordable structures widely used around the world in a variety of ways.

While most users establish these structures for long term or permanent use, they can, if required, be taken down, stored, relocated or sold on at any time. They are used residentially as homes, house extensions, extra rooms, teenage retreats, cafes, office space, tourism / guest accommodation and activity spaces.


Blue Mountain Yurts

The affordable, versatile solution for:-

• Residential Home & living space
• House Extension / Granny Flat
• Teenage Retreat / New Room for Family
• Overnight guest accommodation
• Rural cottage
• Mountain cabin
• Bed and breakfast
• Guesthouse
• Eco-Tourism
• Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, National Parks
• Alpine Accommodation/Retail/Office
• Rental Cabin
• Personal Retreat
• Classroom
• Nature education centre
• Shop/Retail Venue
• Art/Yoga studio
• Unique Restaurant/Cafe
• Office
• Teenage garden retreat
• Temporary / Portable housing
• Relocatable Event/Marketing Space
• Hot tub spa
• Creative Gallery