Features & Options

How a Yurt Works

The structural integrity of a yurt is based on compression and tension working together to form a freestanding, clear span structure. At the top of the yurt, the hub or compression ring is under pressure from the rafters, which radiate out from it.

The rafters span out and down from the ring at a thirty-degree angle, and hook onto the main cable which is under tension. The main cable is a continuous loop, preset to the exact circumference of the yurt. It is supported by the lattice wall and doorjamb, which bolt together to form a continuos circular wall. The roof material, the fabric walls, the dome and the door enclose the framework.

Yurt Features

We work with partners in the United States to produce the highest quality yurts available worldwide, designed and manufactured by specialists who have been making yurts for over thirty years. A range of features are standard and a number of extra options have been selected for Australian and New Zealand conditions and are included in all our current models listed.

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Duro-Last Roofing

The roofing material is a heavy duty, industrial composite fabric made with thermo-plastic alloy and a high thread count polyester. It keeps out water, snow, wind and hail, comes with a manufacturers warranty and lasts for decades. It also has thermally welded seams for consistent, watertight integrity and provides the best protection from high UV exposure. (162 kgs x 130 kgs Tensile strength.)

Astro Foil Roof Insulation

All of our roofing systems come with Astro-Foil insulation and a washable, flame resistant polyester lining. Astro-Foil is a double-layer of air-bubble insulation sandwiched between two layers of aluminium sheeting. It creates an ideal vapour barrier and reflects heat in both directions, to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the Summer. The reflective and vapour barrier qualities of Astro-Foil work with heat retention to increase the feeling of warmth. The separate roof lining is visible above the rafters and conceals the actual insulation. The insulation itself goes between the lining and the exterior yurt roof.

Pro Tech Wall Fabric

A three-layer, vinyl laminate that can be repaired on site with a brush on glue. It has an indefinite life-span and is easy to clean. (82 kgs x 82 kgs Tensile strength, thermally welded construction.)

Lattice Wall, Rafters and Cable

The lattice wall of each Yurt is made from clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir. Each piece of lattice in the wall is smoothly machine sanded. This gives the wood a very finished look and a perfect rivet connection where the lattice pieces cross. The lattice wall of the yurt is fastened at 30cm intervals with pull rivets and stainless steel back-up washers. The wall can expand and contract like a baby gate.

The timber rafters are constructed of select 2" x 4"s. Each rafter is machine stress rated to a bending strength of 2100 pounds / per square inch (USA). Every yurt rafter is finished on all four sides. The end of each rafter is rounded and notched to fit over the main cable.

The rafters attach to heavy duty CORR Brackets (Compression Ring to Rafter Brackets) - included as an upgraded option with our yurts that have a 160km/hr wind rating. The main cable of the yurt is 3/16" galvanised aircraft cable, encased in a protective covering. It has a break strength of 1.56 tonnes. There's an embedded brass fitting with a keeper screw, in the end of each rafter. This screw closes the notch and secures the rafter to the cable.


Roll-Up Wall


The roll-up wall is a beautiful feature that offers the ultimate in ventilation and panoramic views.

The wall is an 8ft / 2.44m wide, floor-to-ceiling section of screening that can be rolled up and down according to weather conditions and preference.


All Yurts have been upgraded from the standard 3 windows.

The Four Seasons has five windows. The Habitat and The Roundhouse each have four. Each window is made up of a screen a storm window and a fully zippered privacy flap. The actual window screen size is 1.22m wide and 76cm high and has a sewn-in fibreglass screen. The weave is tight enough to keep out mosquitos, flies and sand fleas.

A storm window of clear vinyl "glass" - unlike heavier vinyl, these 20mm storm windows withstand climate extremes without cracking or turning cloudy.

They attach to the screen with 5cm polyester Velcro ™ and can be completely detached and stored in warmer months. A fully zippered privacy flap shuts tight with a hefty, heavy duty zipper. A nylon rod sewn into a pocket at the bottom of each flap makes it easy to roll up. When rolled up, window flaps are held open with fast release buckles. All window flaps can covert to window awnings.



All Doors and doorjambs on each Yurt are handcrafted from clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir. No plywood or composite materials are used.

Three coats of natural oils are applied to each door giving a glow and warmth that provides a smooth and invites you inside. Each door has a door window made of clear acrylic.

A diverter turns rainwater away from the doorway and is attached to the roof above every door.


Dome Skylight and Euro Lifter

The tinted bronze domes yurt skylight is 6.35 mm thick pure acrylic. Testing indicates that pure acrylic outlasts other clear polymers when exposed to the elements. All size yurt kits come with a dome that measures five-feet / 1.5 m across and 16 inches / 40 cm tall. The tinting significantly reduces heat gain but still floods the yurt with light.

Its construction includes a flange and down-turned edge to efficiently shed water away from your dome opening and onto your yurt roof. The yurt dome also fastens in six places to the compression ring with stainless steel expansion springs and four straps for an outstanding weather-tight fit.

The Euro-Dome lifter allows you to easily raise the leeward side of your yurt dome from floor level using handheld winding brace. This is a highly effective cooling strategy for the yurt and with a little breeze, an open dome creates a chimney effect for enhanced ventilation.

Other Custom Options

For those requiring additional options, custom orders or specific colour combinations, Yurts can be requested and supplied according to delivery schedules.

Note: Some of the options listed below can be sourced or fitted locally by the customer or can be supplied to existing Yurt owners.

Options include:


Wall Insulation Panels and Liner

Snow and Big Wind Package - upgrade to heavier rafters, brackets and studs

Ceiling Fan Mount

Stovepipe outlet - to install a vent for wood/gas stoves/compost toilet etc

Cistern - to catch water from the roof and pipe to storage

Bottom Colour band

Additional Windows, Awnings and Roll up Wall

French Doors, Screen Doors and Screen Curtains and Entrance Awning

Standard Roofing fabric and two alternate wall fabrics

Colours - please request info on colour options for roof and walls.