Useful Information
Do it your self or hire someone?

Yurts are not a complicated structure to erect and the process takes a single day for most yurts to install on a pre-prepared foundation. A thorough installation manual is provided and the process requires a minimum of 3 people with at least 1 person having some sort of knowledge and skill in relation using tools. Most yurt users do it with friends and family and a local tradesman or handyman type to come to lead the process.

A foundation in the form of a raised timber deck can be built DIY or by using a local carpenter / deck builder or contractor and we can provide deck plans at any stage to look over however the deck requirements only need a couple of small modifications to a conventional deck. Alternative foundations include any firm flat platform, bare ground and sleepers, concrete slabs and poured earthen floors.

Platform/Decking Options

Most common decking options include simple yurt platforms or an oversized deck platform providing additional outdoor space. The simple platform is circular in shape and the same diameter as your yurt. An oversized deck would place the circular, raised area for the yurt on top of a square deck and allows room around the yurt for outdoor furniture/bathroom/recreation etc. You can use any type of appropriate timber decking material to build either of these yurt platforms. Some yurt customers pour a concrete, circular pad the same diameter as their yurt. Other options include an earthen floor or using structural, insulated panels and other similar flooring and decking materials.

Yurt Interiors

Luxurious, simple or somewhere in between. Spaciously open or sectioned off for privacy, your yurt interior is a reflection of your own tastes and style. To partition off a section, perhaps for a bathroom, simply build walls with standard studs much like you would in a traditional home. Or get creative with artistic screening. Alternatively, you could have a connecting bath house/laundry room outside on the deck.

Build a bedroom loft in a large yurt. The kitchen is another good area to let your creativity shine. If simplicity is your goal, a sink, a camp stove and a cutting surface is all you need. If your tastes are a little more elaborate, custom cabinets might be a great touch. Let your imagination roll. Our customers and Yurt owners around the world have come up with many inspired ideas and we'd love to share some of them with you.


Blue Mountain Yurts have gone through an engineering evaluation and structural engineering certification process in both the United Sates and Australia. In addition to this they have passed fire retardancy testing to strict Californian standards. Further technical information is available upon request.

Wood Components

The timber lattice walls are made from clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir and the rafters are from select grade, machine stress rated timbers. Wooden parts of the yurt are sanded to exact specifications for the perfect fit and elimination of fabric-to-wood friction points. All wood components are finished with rich, natural, penetrating oil.

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How long does it take to set up a Yurt?

It depends on the size of the Yurt, the amount of people helping you and the options you have selected. Generally speaking, once you have your platform finished, the actual yurt installation takes one full day with a minimum of 3 people and the largest yurts can sometimes extend into a second day.

How do I care for my yurt once it's up?

You may want to occasionally wash the walls and roof with a very mild soap/detergent and a garden hose. Especially in harsh climates, it is a good idea to re-coat the outside surface of the doors every few years with a wood stain or polyutherane for protection against the weather.

Are yurts environmentally sustainable?

Fabric yurts leave a very light footprint on the earth and are a genuine sustainable housing or shelter solution. The simple design of the yurt requires far fewer resources, materials and embodied energy than a traditional timber or brick home or even most shelters of similar size.

Can yurts be connected together or with other structures?

Some customers choose to locate a bedroom, bathroom or office in a second yurt or other wooden structure. These can either be attached to the main yurt either with a hallway between both door frames or with some space between the two. Numerous ways of integrating structures and adjoining yurts are available to create the space you need.